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KINGTOM is a professional China Rubber AND Plastic Parts manufacturer and supplier.
The essential difference between rubber and plastic parts is that plastic deformation occurs when plastic deformation, and rubber is elastic deformation. Plastic does not return to its original state easily after deformation, whereas rubber is much easier. Plastic is very elastic, usually less than 100%, whereas rubber can reach 1000% or more. Plastic forming on the vast majority of the molding process is finished product process is completed;  And the rubber molding process after the completion of the vulcanization process.  
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  • KINGTOM is a professional leader China Automotive Dust Proof Rubber Cap manufacturers. Automotive Rubber Cap Black-We are engaged in offering a quality range of Moulded Rubber Dust Cap which keep the mating surfaces clean and free of contamination in automobile industry. Which are manufactured from premium quality rubber and latest technology in compliance with set industrial norms. In order to ensure quality & flawlessness, these products are stringently tested on various parameters.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Automotive M6 Rubber Pads Black manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Automotive M6 Rubber Pads We usually meet with cellophane tape pad, EVA rubber gasket, EVA MATS, MATS, semi-circular transparent MATS, rubber pad, silicone pad, rubber mat, PU, PVC, EPDM transparent mat, hemispherical MATS, half spherical rubber mat, glass mat, fenders, mat, shockproof washers, anticorrosive gaskets, waterproof pad, pads, cushions, bubble and so on.

  • KINGTOM is Automotive Rubber Protective Cap Black manufacturers and suppliers in China. Automotive Rubber Protective Cap its main function is constant air permeability to achieve air pressure balance, in order to protect customer products appear small cracks so that water, dust, oil, etc. are sucked into customer products. At the same time, moisture vapor is discharged after water vapor vaporization to achieve humidity balance.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Automotive Green Silicone Rubber Seal Ring manufacturers. Automotive Silicone Rubber Seal Ring main role is to provide better performance for the car seal, and these sealing rings are not designed to hide, it is easy to find, so in the car cleaning and maintenance, these sealing rings can not be ignored.

  • Find a huge selection of Automotive Red Rubber Seal O Ring from China at KINGTOM. Rubber Seal O Ring is widely used in diesel locomotive, automobile, tractor, construction machinery, machine tools and various hydraulic and pneumatic components sealing,can bear the sealing of fixed, reciprocating and rotating motion, in the mechanical product sealing O type rubber seal ring accounts for more than 50%.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Black Protective Rubber Seal Bearing manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Protective Rubber Seal Bearing Fixed on one ring or gasket of the bearing and contact with another ring or gasket or form a narrow labyrinth gap, to prevent lubricating oil leakage and external intrusion.

Rubber AND Plastic Parts made in China can be customized with low price. Xiamen Kingtom is a professional Rubber AND Plastic Parts manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy high quality products which are in bulk. Our factory will also provide a price list.