Extrusion Sealing Strip

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Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip such as EPDM, usually placed around the opening of the door on the body of a vehicle, such as an automobile.  Through extrusion molding, the sealing strip is made into a long strip with a fixed section shape.
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  • Kingtom is Black Extruded Rubber Seal Strips manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Rubber Seal Strips.The rubber seal can be classified according to the section shape, vulcanization method, use position and use, use of materials and other methods.

  • The seal has the characteristics of non-combustible, non-explosive, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic and good mechanical strength, high fire resistance, in the simulation of combustion experiment, the flame temperature of higher energy tolerance up to 800 degrees is still not deformation, with good fire resistance, at the same time in daily life, it also plays a sound insulation, dust, anti-freeze and warm.

  • Find a huge selection of Automotive Window Door Rubber Seal Strip from China at KINGTOM. Automotive Door Rubber Seal Strip Can effectively prevent external wind and rain, dust and other harmful substances into the car, reduce the vibration of the car in driving doors, Windows and other parts to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of the car, and make the sealing parts or devices of the working environment is improved, the working life can be prolonged.

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