Racecourse Rubber Products

KINGTOM is an experienced manufacturer of racecourse rubber products and we are known for our high quality products and professional services. In the field of racecourses, the rubber products we produce are also widely used and recognized. KINGTOM provides reliable racecourse rubber products with professional manufacturing technology, high quality products and excellent services. Our racecourse rubber products are widely used in various fields of racecourses, such as race tracks, stables, training grounds, etc., providing strong support for the development of horse racing.

What are racecourse rubber products?

Racecourse rubber products are rubber products used in racetrack grounds, tracks, stables, racetrack fences and other places, mainly including the following:

Racecourse ground mats: used for racecourse ground, with high elasticity, abrasion resistance, anti-skid, and other characteristics, which can provide a better experience for horses running and riders racing.

Race track mats: used for horse racing tracks, with high elasticity, anti-wear, aging resistance, and other characteristics, can protect the track surface, and improve the safety and comfort of horse racing.

Stable mats: Used on stable floors to provide better rest and comfort for horses.

Racecourse fence mats: Used at the bottom of racecourse fences, they provide a better environment for horses to run and race, and also prevent horses from falling or getting injured.

Rubber wall pads: Used on the walls or posts and other parts of the racecourse fences, they can provide better cushioning and protection to prevent horses from hitting or getting injured.

Why choose KINGTOM?

Racecourses are places where safety and comfort are of the utmost importance, and therefore the needs for rubber products are very specific. KINGTOM has taken into account the characteristics and needs of racecourses and specializes in the production of racecourse rubber products.

First of all, KINGTOM rubber products for racecourses have excellent elasticity and shock absorption properties. These racecourse rubber products can effectively absorb and disperse shocks and vibrations on the racecourse, providing a better racing and training environment for racers and horses.

Secondly, KINGTOM's racecourse rubber products also have excellent coefficient of friction and anti-slip properties. The coefficient of friction is critical to the stability of horses and racers on the racetrack, and KINGTOM's racecourse rubber products provide consistent friction to ensure the safety of horses and racers during races and training.

In addition, KINGTOM focuses on the durability and wear resistance of its products. Racecourses are frequently used and therefore require high durability, KINGTOM uses high quality rubber materials and excellent manufacturing techniques to ensure that its products are long-lasting and wear-resistant to meet the long-term needs of racecourses.

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  • KINGTOM is a professional China Equine Swimming Pool Rubber Floor Matting manufacturer and supplier. Equine Swimming Pool Rubber Mats are designed for extreme durability and maximum shock absorption. With the correct rubber mats, it can be assured of more comfortable and safer surface.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Racecourse 100% Recycled Rubber Stable Mats manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Racecourse Rubber Stable Mats laid on the ground of the horse stale is heat insulation, cold proof, moisture proof, leveling, clean, and comfortable, beautiful, generous, and has good anti skideffect. It can avoid sliding and falling of horses.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Racecourse Channel Black Rubber Drain Cover manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Racecourse Channel Rubber Drain Cover helps to collect and remove excess water from racecourse tunnel or any other areas, the design for the maximum durability to handle horse and heavy vehicles traffic.

  • Find a huge selection of Racecourse Anti Slip Rubber Interlocking Pavers from China at KINGTOM. Racecourse Rubber Interlocking Pavers with high density rubber material. Wear resistance, with good elasticity. It is made of microporous granular material.

  • KINGTOM is a professional China Rubber Tunnel Floor Mats For Horse manufacturer and supplier. Horse Rubber Tunnel Floor Mats with the function of anti-fatigue, anti-skid mat provides safety, drainage and comfort for horses.The bottom surface has grooves to allow liquid evacuation and its impact-resistant surface to reduce noise and vibration.

  • KINGTOM is a leading China Racecourse Anti Slip Rubber Flooring Mats manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Racecourse Anti Slip Rubber Mats the biggest characteristics are anti-slip, shock absorption, wear resistance, anti-static, no light, hydrophobic, good weather resistance, anti-aging, long life.

Racecourse Rubber Products made in China can be customized with low price. Xiamen Kingtom is a professional Racecourse Rubber Products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy high quality products which are in bulk. Our factory will also provide a price list.