Red Vehicle Sealing Ring

Red Vehicle Sealing Ring

Red Vehicle Sealing Ring - Your vehicle's protection! Safe and reliable . KINGTOM's Red Vehicle Sealing Ring is the protector of your vehicle. They ensure reliable sealing between various components, thereby reducing the risk of liquid leaks and gas emissions. You can rest assured to buy customized Red Vehicle Sealing Ring from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

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Product Description

The Red Vehicle Sealing Ring is made of high-quality rubber material for superior durability and can withstand harsh weather and harsh conditions. By reducing the risk of leaks and increasing component life, KINGTOM's products will save you time and money. After-sale services: after-sales team will deal with all complaints from customers such as packaging, quality, shipping, etc. We will surely exchange goods or make up lost if finally verify mistakes caused by our side, a promise is a promise!

Product Parameter of the Red Vehicle Sealing Ring:

①Product name: Red Vehicle Sealing Ring

②Material: EPDM NBR Silicon or Can Custom

③Logo: Can Custom

④Size: Can Custom

⑤Can Custom: Black or custom

⑥Application: Automotive

⑦Certifications: IATF16949 ,ISO14001:2015,ROHS,CMC, etc

⑧Delivery: 30 -50days after sample confirmation

⑨Sample: 25-30 days

⑩Payment: 30% deposit, 70% payment before shipment

⑪Package: PE bags, Cartons,Pallet

⑫Payment Terms: T/T,L/C and so on.

⑬Shipment Way: Vessel,Air,Express etc.

Product Feature AND Application of the Red Vehicle Sealing Ring:

Automotive rubber seal o ring is mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing.For rotary motion sealing, only low speed rotary sealing device.O-type sealing ring is generally installed in the outer circle or rectangular groove on the inner circle for sealing.O-ring in oil resistance,acid and alkali,grinding,chemical erosion and other environments still play a good sealing, damping role. 

Red Vehicle Sealing Ring's features:

①simple structure, good sealing performance, O type rubber sealing ring section structure is very simple, and has a self-sealing effect, reliable sealing performance.

②easy installation because the o-type rubber sealing ring itself and the installation part structure is very simple, and has formed a standard, so it is very easy to install and replace.

③wide range of application through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formula design, to achieve effective sealing effect of oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media.  Wide range of temperature -60℃~+220℃), fixed pressure up to 1500Kg/cm2(with the reinforcement ring)

④a variety of suitable for all kinds of materials, dimensions and grooves have been standardized.

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