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Automobile Industry Helps Economic Growth of the Country!

The automobile industry is one of the best key drivers that increase the economic growth of the country. The China automotive industry includes two-wheeler, trucks, cars, buses, three wheeler and four wheeler which play a big role in the growth of the China economy. 

The output of Chinese automobile industry is rapidly increasing and the volume of mouth is also increasing constantly, which has promoted the position of Chinese automobile industry in the world. However, compared with western developed countries, Chinese automobile industry still has the product structure is chaotic, the automobile output is big but not strong, the independent brand needs to be improved, energy conservation and emission reduction problems, etc., have affected the development of our automobile industry.

1, China's automobile output and sales are located in the world's first - but the technology is still insufficient in recent years, China's industrial rapid development, led to the development of China's automobile industry. According to statistics, since the world economic crisis in 2008, Chinese automobile production and sales quickly occupied the market, becoming the first in the world. Moreover, the Chinese automobile industry as a whole showed a steady growth trend, with production and sales constantly improving throughout the year. Until 2017, China's automobile production and sales volume have ranked the first for nine consecutive years. According to statistics, in 2017, China's automobile output reached 29.015 million, with a year-on-year growth of 3.2%, and the automobile sales volume reached 28.877 million, with a year-on-year growth of 3%. Thus, in the world, Chinese automobile industry occupies a great advantage.

However, compared with the automobile industry of the western developed countries, the automobile technology of our country is obviously insufficient, such as: the electronic control technology, independent transmission research and development, optimization vehicle development, etc. In addition, in terms of the core key technologies of the automobile, our country has obvious deficiencies, such as: parts development, assembly manufacturing, automotive battery research and development, etc.

2. The era of intelligent Internet cars has begun
The "intelligent" era of automobile has been gradually opened, the intelligent internet-connected automobile industry emerged at the historic moment, through the intelligent Internet-connected car to realize the combination of people and vehicles, so that people enjoy the convenience of intelligent driving. In the face of this emerging industry, Internet giants at home and abroad are seizing the opportunity to join the intelligent industry war. Foreign companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple have been deeply engaged in the field of automotive OS system and voice interaction. Back home, China's Internet triumvirate of "BAT".(Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) have long been in the market for smart connected cars, and a number of other tech companies, including iFlyTek, have also joined the battle for the smart connected car market.

Judging from the development of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent in the field of intelligent internet-connected vehicle industry, Alibaba has the most mature layout compared with the three companies. It has completed the construction of OS, which is already a mature automotive operating system. At the same time, there are BU and ecological enterprises, including Autonavi and Qiandao, which have in-depth cooperation with the automobile industry chain, and their business has gone into the whole chain from production to sales.

3. Development status of new energy vehicles
In recent years, the momentum of our industrial development is very rapid, and the use of traditional energy has been increasing, which also makes the traditional energy reserves gradually reduce, and it is difficult to meet the actual demand of industrial development; At the same time, under the new normal of economy, "the concept of reducing production capacity and ecological environmental protection has become the theme of economic development, and the high energy consumption industry urgently needs to be transformed, which also makes the Chinese automobile industry carry out the development and exploration of new energy vehicles. As early as 2010, our country has incorporated the new energy automobile industry into the strategic new industry, in the form of national strategy for new energy vehicles to justify the name of ", at the same time in policy preferences to give domestic brand of new energy vehicles greater support, which makes our new energy vehicles have made outstanding achievements in the short term, the sales of its current position in the world .

Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles started late, but its internal category has been relatively mature, showing diversified characteristics, mainly including pure electric vehicle (EV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), gas vehicle (GV), biofuel vehicle (BFV) ) and other types.

The future prospects of new energy vehicles

New energy vehicle (NEV) is a brand new industry that has attracted the common attention of the world automobile industry under the background of the increasing shortage of traditional energy resources and the increasing requirements of ecological and environmental protection. Although there are some differences in the old construction vision of new energy vehicles in different countries, the fundamental goal is to give play to the advantages of new energy vehicles, reduce the actual pressure on the environment and resources, and promote the sustainable development of the domestic economy. Our construction vision of the new energy automobile industry is clearly defined as "from the automobile power to the automobile power", which also corresponds with our manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading goal put forward in the world new-round industrial layout.

From the future development of new energy vehicles in our country, the electricization of buses is a general trend, which is also an important measure to use public transportation and large-scale promotion of new energy vehicles. It is foreseeable that with the large number of new energy vehicles put into the field of public transport, the promotion of intelligent driving technology will be the general trend. Electric passenger vehicles (SUVs) will be a growth segment until 2020. Since 2017, pure electric vehicles have gradually moved towards the direction of diversification, quality and sharing, and will maintain a good momentum of development in the future. In the future, electric light trucks will grow into the main model of urban distribution market. With the development of economy, urban economic activities will become more frequent, and electric light trucks serving as distribution models will also be promoted on a larger scale. Electric micro-surface is also a widely favored model in the current urban delivery vehicle market. Its high cost performance makes it grow rapidly. It is also a necessary model for the green logistics demonstration project launched by the Ministry of Communications in 2019.