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What are the main rubber products used in automobiles?

1.What are the main rubber products used in automobiles 

(1) Fuel hose of automobile engine. Every car has a lot of rubber pipes, such as radiator pipes, air conditioning pipes, water tank pipes, gasoline pipes and so on. In order to adapt these tubes to vibrations and bumps in the road, they must have various properties, so rubber car parts are a must. 

(2)Automotive rubber sealing ring, vehicle doors and Windows to seal the performance of the rubber seal. Usually, automatic sealing products are mainly used to seal some liquids to avoid liquid outflow phenomenon. Rubber products have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, so they can seal liquid well and effectively maintain wear resistance and fatigue resistance during a long time driving. 

(3)Damping rubber block of vehicle engine. Rubber shock absorber is a very important part of the car. When we encounter a pit on the road, the rubber spring can ensure that we keep balance on the uneven road surface and continue to drive. The key parts of the car and some shock pads, instead of the key parts of the pressure. So now the use of rubber products in various industries has been indispensable, and more and more auto rubber auto parts will come out. 

2.The aging cycle of automobile rubber parts 

The aging cycle of automotive rubber products is about four years.

Car rubber parts for 4 years, rubber parts are made of rubber product parts, rubber has good flexibility, sealing and insulation properties, has a wide range of applications in many industries, as a "reinforced iron bone" of the car naturally can not be separated from its use.

According to its different functions, the automobile rubber parts are mainly: 
(1)Water pipe, oil pipe: the cooling water pipe in the engine cooling system, the oil inlet pipe, the oil return pipe in the engine fuel bribe system and the oil pipe in the power steering system.

(2)Shock absorption: mainly used in automobile chassis and engine.

(3)Dust cover: dust cover in the steering system, reduce the wear of dust and debris on the parts, extend its service life.

3.Introduction to Rubber parts

Rubber parts, that is, product accessories made of rubber. Rubber has good flexibility, sealing and insulation properties, has a wide range of applications in many industries, as a "reinforced iron bone" car naturally can not be separated from the use of it. The biggest characteristic of rubber is that the elastic modulus is very small and the elongation is very high.

Rubber is also resistant to all kinds of bending and bending deformation, because the lag loss is small. The third characteristic of rubber is that it can be used with a variety of materials, blend, compound, thus modified, in order to obtain good comprehensive performance.

4.What's the difference between auto spare parts and auto parts

Spare parts are the main parts you must have on your car, such as the spare tire. Tools for cars and so on... The parts are the parts that are used to repair the car. Are two different concepts...

As the name implies, spare parts is the car after the factory equipped with a - cutting parts. Such as: door key, antenna, spare tire, car tools. And so on. Accessories refer to the parts of the car itself.

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