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On the great influence of rubber parts of small cars on the quality and safety of cars

When it comes to vehicle quality and safety, it is a topic of great concern for every driver friend at any time. If you think of the travel safety of the car alone, you may first think of some important mechanical parts such as the car engine, tires, etc. Today, I would like to talk with you about how a small car rubber part has a significant impact on car safety.

Before talking about this topic, it is necessary to introduce to you the common rubber parts of automobiles. It can be said that rubber products are widely used in the entire automobile manufacturing field, mainly including the waterproof gasket used on the automobile antenna, the rubber wire harness sheath at the connection of the vehicle door and boot, the rubber shock pad, the rubber cap, the engine intake pipe, the door and window sealing strip, the rubber sealing ring, the rubber bushing, the foot pad, and so on, which will not be listed here in detail.

It can be seen that rubber products have been widely used in automobiles, mainly for waterproof, dustproof, sealing, shock absorption, noise reduction and protection. It is not difficult to understand the impact on vehicle quality after understanding the role of automobile rubber parts. First, sealing products. If the sealing performance fails, such as waterproof gaskets and sealing ring products for automobile antennas, they may leak when it rains. There may be potential oil leakage in important parts of the engine. Second, shock absorption and noise reduction products, such as shock pads, door and window seals, This will have a significant impact on the service life of mechanical moving parts. If the driver's friend finds any abnormal noise during driving, it may be caused by the problem of shock absorber, so it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance. The other is the rubber wire harness tube of the car, which protects the cable at the moving part of the car from being worn and causing breakage or short circuit.