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Rubber Molded Parts

Kingtom Rubber is a leading China Rubber Molded Parts manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Kingtom Rubber keeps an all-time available stock of molded rubber products with a standard as well as commonly used custom sizes including one of the largest cataloged molds and dies to accelerate and fulfill your rush orders. Please visit our catalog of products or provide your CAD drawing of your rubber parts related need and we will custom make them.

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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Rubber Molded Parts:

Kingtom Rubber Corp is a leading manufacturer and supplier of molded rubber components. We have in-house capabilities of injection molding, transfer molding, as well as compression molding. Depending on our customer’s requirements around elastomer compound and geometry of rubber component, we select best way to mold these rubber components while keeping quality, precision and competitive pricing at front and center.

Our custom molded rubber components are compounded in-house for desired mechanical and electrical and thermal properties include weather resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, conductivity, heat resistance, insulation to name a few. 

Type of Rubber Molded Parts We Manufacture:


Typical structure of these bellows contain assembly connector interface on two end and middle region has one or more accordion style convolution depending on relaxed length and stretch length requirements. Connector interfaces can range from straight sleeve, to o-ring type orifice, or even flange type constuction with fastener holes. These bellows can be further manufactured either in straight construction or in tapered bellows construction. Depending on application needs and length of bellow actuation, we manufacture rubber bellows with strategically placed breathing holes and variety of filters embeded to avoid building out vaccum or pressure within bellows while making sure that dust and other foreign particles does not enter bellow protected area.

·Anti-Vibration Mounts

Vibration isolators or Anti-vibration mounts have qite a bit of similarities with that of rubber grommets. ARC manufactures rubber mounts for vibration, noise, and harshness isolation (NVH isolators) for multiple applications in Automotive, Heavy Machineries (Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and large engine machineries), Aerospace, Transportation, Oil & Gas Rigs, Refineries, Power Generation, Data Center, Consumer Good Manufacturing Plants, Food and Beverage Manufacturing to name a few. Our rubber shock isolators (rubber mounts) are custom manufactured per our customer’s requirements including metal (screw, bolt, washer, nut, bush, sleeve etc) bonded rubber isolators.

Commonly Used Elastomer Compounds




·Nitrile(Buna-N or NBR)


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