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Rubber Gaskets

Kingtom is Rubber Gaskets manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Gasket.Rubber gasket is a rubber product with a circular cross - sectional area. Its application throughout the chemical industry, machinery, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, transportation, household appliances and other fields. Rubber gasket is a kind of sealing element in all rubber sealing products, which is produced in large quantity and widely used.

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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Rubber Gaskets:

Kingtom is a leading Chian Rubber Gaskets manufacturers.A rubber gasket is an element that can act as a seal for a range of purposes (this could be for noise reduction, hygiene or liquid sealing). It must be flexible as they are usually compressed between two other surfaces.

Kingtom Rubber has a comprehensive in-house facility to cut and supply soft-cut, custom hand-cut or die-cut rubber gaskets in any material to suit your needs. We offer press cutting of standard rubber gaskets and also water jet cutting for more demanding requirements.

We manufacture the following rubber gaskets:





gasket sealants

The advantages of Rubber gasket:

Rubber gasket is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, in different temperature, pressure and media plays a sealing role, to prevent mechanical equipment oil leakage, air leakage, water leakage and the invasion of the external environment media and dust. Compared with other rubber seals, it has the following advantages:

·simple structure, small volume, compact installation site.

·with self-sealing effect, no periodic adjustment.

·good sealing performance, static sealing will not leak.

·the movement friction resistance is small, suitable for the occasion of alternating pressure.

·strong adaptability, wide use.

Cutting Rubber Gaskets:

Depending on your requirements and desired material, we can use different techniques to create your rubber gasket. Our facilities allow us to manufacture:

Soft-cut: This type of gasket is flexible and easily compressed between surfaces, they are easy to install and long-lasting.

Hand-cut: For custom orders, gaskets can be hand-cut with high accuracy using precision tools.

Die-cut: Dies are metal cutters, shaped to match the desired shape of your gasket. This is an effective process for the efficient production of high quantities.

Press cut: Using our travelling swing head press and swing beam press, gaskets can be cut of various sizes and thickness.

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