Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats
  • Black Wearproof Rubber Floor MatsBlack Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats

Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats

KINGTOM is Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats. Black rubber floor mats are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Which can be used as an anti-fatigue floor, a floor protection mat, non-slip flooring, or padding in heavy-duty applications.

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Product Description

KINGTOM is a professional China Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats manufacturer and supplier. Black Rubber Floor Mats come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Which can function as an anti-fatigue floor, a floor protection mat, non-slip flooring or padding in heavy-duty applications.

Product Parameter of the Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats:

①Product name: Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats

②Material: EPDM NBR Silicon or Can Custom

③Logo: Can Custom

④Size: Can Custom

⑤Can Custom: Black or custom

⑥Application: Automotive

⑦Certifications: IATF16949 ,ISO14001:2015,ROHS,CMC, etc

⑧Delivery: 30 -50days after sample confirmation

⑨Sample: 25-30 days

⑩Payment: 30% deposit, 70% payment before shipment

⑪Package: PE bags, Cartons,Pallet

⑫Payment Terms: T/T,L/C and so on.

⑬Shipment Way: Vessel,Air,Express etc.

Product Feature AND Application of the Black Wearproof Rubber Floor Mats:

Rubber floor mats black can help protect your concrete floor from falling objects.  A custom rubber mat, placed on a work surface, can provide comfort, non-slip, and a few other good qualities, but it can definitely protect your heavy duty floor. Rubber will protect hallways and corridors that carry heavy and bulky objects. The use of black rubber pads even helps to clearly define walkable areas while maintaining a uniform and normative professional look.


While rubber is a good insulator, it may not do a good job of protecting concrete from wide temperature changes, but using rubber floor MATS can help prevent dust and debris from entering cracks, which can cause more extensive damage.


Concrete can expand and contract because it is exposed to large amounts of moisture. "As drying occurs, the concrete near the surface dries and shrinks faster than the concrete inside," Mishra explains. This drying and shrinkage of the concrete surface can cause tensile stress on the concrete surface and can develop cracks." Not only does the black rubber pad look good, but the material's waterproof properties make it an impermeable barrier that helps prevent excessive moisture on the concrete surface. 

③Chemical factors:

The concrete decomposes when the slurry is attacked by corrosive substances, mainly high concentrations of salt left behind by evaporation, which evaporates and returns to the solution when moisture returns.

④Biological factors:

Mold, mildew and moss are all things that can potentially damage concrete.  Because these microbes can produce aggressive substances that cause widespread damage to the cement paste, it is best to stop their growth. Which can be cut to suit specific locations, such as wet areas where mold can be a serious problem.  Rubber has natural water resistance, inhibits mold and mildew growth, and can create a harsh environment where bacteria cannot thrive. 

⑤Physical factors:

Falling objects, heavy objects, sharp edges-all of these things can cause damage such as chipping, cracking and unsightly scratches.  Placing a custom rubber mat in places where you know objects often fall, such as lifting tables, exercise areas, assembly lines and workstations, can help prevent such injuries.  Rubber floor MATS can also be used extensively to protect wider and larger areas where the risk of damage may not be immediately apparent.  While black rubber MATS can add professionalism to any location, at their core is a resilient, tough and durable option that can withstand shocks from heavy-duty environments. 

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