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Automotive Lamps Rubber Parts electrical insulation performance: the dielectric properties of silicone rubber, rubber parts, especially the dielectric properties of high temperature greatly exceed the general organic rubber, rubber parts industry development trend mobile phone, dielectric strength in the range of 20-200℃ is almost not affected by temperature.  Excellent high temperature compression deformation.  Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and uv resistance, long-term outdoor use without cracking.  It is generally believed that silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years.
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  • KINGTOM is a leading China Automotive Lamps Black Rubber Gaskets manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Car Lamps Rubber Gaskets With wide temperature adaptation, sealing, insulation, dielectric, environmental protection and other good characteristics, while high and low temperature resistance, less interference by the external environment, so it is the most ideal waterproof, sealing material, waterproof ring.

  • KINGTOM is a major manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Lamps Small Black Rubber Covers in China. Automotive Lamps Black Rubber Covers-People are constantly looking for lower-cost options for auto parts, including rubber seals and gaskets or assemblies that include rubber seals.

  • KINGTOM is a professional China EPDM Black Rubber Hose For Automotive Lamps manufacturer and supplier. The function of Car Lamps Black Rubber Hose is to discharge the heat out of the headlamp as far as possible to maintain the normal working temperature of the headlamp and ensure the stability of the use of the headlamp.

  • KINGTOM is a major manufacturer and supplier of EPDM Rubber Gasket Sealer Black For Automotive Lamps in China. Automotive Lamps Rubber Gasket Sealer is widely used,and in the car sealing effect, the use of rubber gaskets is essential.

  • Find a huge selection of EPDM Car Headlight Black Rubber Cap from China at KINGTOM. Black Rubber Cap For Car its main function is constant air permeability to achieve air pressure balance, in order to protect customer products appear small cracks so that water, dust, oil, etc. are sucked into customer products.

  • KINGTOM is a large-scale Adhesive Black Rubber Strips For Automotive Lamps manufacturers and suppliers in China. Rubber Weather Strips For Car is one of the important parts of automobile. Widely used in door, window, car body, seat, skylight, engine case and trunk, etc.

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